What’s a Good Gymnastics Score Now?

On non-elite levels (Levels 1 to 10) it is fairly simple knowing what a good score is, the closest you get to 10.0 the better, because these levels still use the scoring system based on a maximum of 10.0.

For elite competitive levels, as a general rule, scores in the 15 – 16 range are considered good, with scores over 16 being exceptional.

Why is it that scores on the elite levels go beyond the 10.0 mark?

Because of the scoring used for those levels includes two components, the difficulty score plus the execution score; all elite levels use a scoring system established by the FIG (Fédération Internationale de Gymnastique) in effect since January 2006 .

On elite levels there are two separate panels of judges that come up with their score between 0 and 10, and then add it together.

In simple terms here’s how elite level scoring works:

Panel D – starts from 0, adding points for requirements, difficulty, and connections.

Panel E – starts from 10 and deducts for execution and artistry.

The scores, D and E, are then added together, typically resulting in a final score between 12.0 and 17.0 for the gymnast.


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