How Judges Score You in a Gymnastics Meet?

That’s the title of a very nice story written in 2010 by a level 5 gymnast girl, Regan Krueger, which I’d like to share with you.

Did you ever wonder how judges score you in a gymnastics meet?

Miss Regan has the answer in How the Judges Score You in a Gymnastics Meet. I’ll quote her first paragraph just to give you a taste of it but, you won’t regret reading the whole thing.

“I have been competing in gymnastics for about five years now. From experience, I know that at some meets the judges take it easy, but at other meets the judges mark down every little mistake the gymnast makes. The judges sit at an officials table next to the event. We are expected to respect the judges.”

I found the story on the Archives page of the National Association of Women’s Gymnastics Judges website, in case you want to know more about gymnastics judging.


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