I Want to Compete in the Olympics

Although every country’s gymnastics federation might have its own rules to select gymnasts for their Olympic  team, here’s a brief high level guide of the stages you have to go through to become a member of your country’s Olympic team.

First of all, artistic gymnastics (women and men), rhythmic gymnastics, and trampoline gymnastics are recognized as Olympic disciplines by the International Gymnastics Federation. Aerobics, acrobatics, and gymnastics for all are non-Olympic disciplines.

Typically, to become a national team member a gymnast must first work her way through a series of qualifying meets, one of which would be your country’s national championship. Olympic and World Championship teams for artistic and rhythmic gymnastics (individual) are selected from the Elite level. To become an Elite level gymnast you will typically go from Level 1 through Level 10 and competed in your country’s qualifying events.

The International Gymnastics Federation has detailed competition description and rules that apply to artistic gymnastics and rhythmic gymnastics and could be followed by each country’s gymnastics federation.

Competition description and rules for artistic gymnastics.

Competition description and rules for rhythmic gymnastics.

You may find guidelines and procedures specific to your country by visiting your federation’s website.

Working your way to the Olympics does not sound any easy but hopefully this brief guide will encourage you to keep working hard to reach those dreams.


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