Artistik 1.3.2 Actualizacion Disponible

ArtistikArtistik™  ha sido actualizado y esta disponible en la App Store.

Esta actualización 1.3.2 resuelve un par de problemas:

– Resuelve problema con la pantalla de Puntuación después de ver la tabla de líderes en dispositivos con iOS 6.x

– Resuelve problema aplicación deja de responder al ver los Resultados en dispositivos con iOS 7.x

Para actualizar, puede ir a su icono App Store y bajarlo de ahí;  usuarios con iOS 7 tal vez no sea necesario actualización manual ya que iOS 7 programa actualizaciones durante los momentos de ahorro de energía. 

Comienza a registrar tu carrera con la más avanzada aplicación móvil para gimnasia artística.

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Artistik™  es la mejor aplicación para puntuación de gimnasia artística para todos los niveles en el iPhone®.


Artistik 1.3.2 Update Available!

ArtistikArtistik™  has been updated and is available on the App Store.

This release 1.3.2 fixes a couple of issues:

– Fixed Scoring screen off after viewing the Leader Board on devices running iOS 6.x

– Fixed application not responding when viewing Results on devices running iOS 7.x

To update it, you may go to your App Store icon on your device and download it from there;  users on iOS 7 may not need to update manually since iOS 7 schedules updates during power-efficient times.

You can start recording your career with the most advanced mobile app for artistic gymnastics.

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Artistik™  is the best artistic gymnastics scoring and score tracking iPhone® app for gymnasts of all levels.

Now Working On

We are now working on some exciting features we think will make Artistik and Rhythmik more useful to you.

It is difficult to share the details of the features and functions we are adding on our next releases but, at least we can tell you it’s not only about the best way of recording scores.

Please join in the conversation and tell us about your experience using Artistik or Rhythmik and, what features could make the app work best for you or, if you don’t like something about them we want to know that too. Leave a comment or send us an e-mail.

Remember you can rate the app or write a review on the App Store if you prefer to do that.

Either way we’d love to hear from you.

Rhythmik Now Available!

Rhythmik - Scoring for Women and Men

Rhythmik – Scoring for Women and Men

RhythmikTM is the best rhythmic gymnastics scoring and score tracking iPhone® app for parents and gymnasts of all levels that works.

Finally you can keep tabs of your competition’s results with Rhythmik. With a very advanced yet convenient and fast scoring input you will never miss a score again. You will be able to see all your scores, results, and awards in the palm of your hand.

Key Features

1 Record scores with only a few taps.

  • Very easily record scores with our unique Swipe and Touch to ScoreTM user interface.
  • Fast scoring input, you won’t miss a score again.
  • Switch between scoring for women and men with one tap.

2 No meet or team setup is required to start scoring.

  • You don’t have to enter any meet, or team, or gymnast information before recording scores.
  • Record score for any event on the spot.
  • Enter gymnast and meet details later when you can.

3 Don’t worry about loosing your information.

  • The moment you tap the event button Rhythmik automatically records and saves scores for you.
  • View your scores’ history and meet results at any time during or after the meet.
  • Share scores by e-mailing the scorecard with one tap.

Start recording your career with Rhythmik. Download on the App StoreSM.

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone®, iPod touch®, and iPad®. Requires iOS 4.2 or later.

Rhythmik Coming to the App Store Soon!


Rhythmik for iPhone® and iPod touch® is the best rhythmic gymnastics scoring and score tracking app for parents and gymnasts of all levels.

Rhythmik is a fast and hassle free scoring and score tracking app that works.

Start scoring the moment you run this app. Very easily record scores with our breakthrough Swipe and Touch to ScoreTM user interface. Record awards by scrolling and tapping. View meet results with one touch at any time during the meet. Share scores by e-mail with one tap.

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